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Well, it’s not rocket science - it’s down to a healthy mix of experience, common sense, training, clarity, commitment, leadership and knowledge. The knack is knowing which tools and skills to employ at any particular time.


To find out more about my experience (25+ years in engineering) check out my

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I share many of my thoughts on good project management practice and some of the things you might not find in books on my blog page, so keep in touch with me on your preferred social network to hear the latest.

That’s me… Eileen Murray…  In a nutshell.  


I don’t claim to be a miracle worker – but if I take on a project it is with the full expectation (mine and yours) that it can and will be delivered, and done so in a way that exceeds expectations.

Eileen Murray - Project Management Plus I get things done! So how do I do it? what-i-can-do-for-you
  • Project delivery - hands on management and delivery of your project on your behalf

  • Project initiation - getting your project started on sound footings

  • Project Manager coaching

  • Risk assessment

  • Resource planning

  • Basic project planning and bid preparation

  • Director-level project management training (what the Board need to understand!)

  • Project management systems design and implementation

A project gets catastrophocally late one day at a time