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What Does a Project Manager Actually Do?

By emmurray, Aug 2 2014 05:16PM

Might sound a bit basic, this one, but I recently became aware that while everyone has heard the term “Project Manager”…..and many people are called Project Managers, a lot of people don’t really know what a Project Manager actually does. So……..here goes:

Putting it very simplistically, the role of the Project Manager is to manage the team of people and the tasks they are doing in order meet the project objectives.

In a little more detail:

• defining the project – in my (humble) view the most important part of the project – defining precisely (within reason) what is to be achieved, with what and by when

• planning the breakdown of the work to be done, the resources required to do it and scheduling out the activities

• establishing the risks and an appropriate set of containment/contingent activities and their budgets

• determining the overall budget for the project

• communicating the final project scope, costs and deliverables to the stakeholders and ensuring full agreement achieved

• all of the above is (preferably) before the project starts

• making sure the work is done to the right standard

• motivating the team of people involved in the project

• co-ordinating work done by different people

• dealing with changes to the project as and when necessary (they do happen!)

• making sure the project delivers the expected outcomes and benefits

That is a very basic list of what a Project Manager does. Simple, eh?

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