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New Prototype Transmission Programme

All the usual challenges of a complex engineering project, with added bonus of differing cultural approaches

This was the company’s primary project at the time. Bringing together all new transmission redesign, research activities, control software design, prototype component manufacture, build, installation, commissioning, in-vehicle development, calibration and tuning. Finally shipping the completed vehicle to Japan – on time!

tdl-transmission engineering-project

Grimsargh Village Hall

A turn-around programme for a local Village Hall, taking it from threat of closure to thriving community hub

I was responsible for a development programme, including a major extension and refurbishment with new kitchen, bar, outside patio area, additional storage and a 10kWp solar panel system. In addition I set up a new website to showcase the new facilities and ensure that the hall is well-known for being one of the best in the County!  The Village Hall has gone from border-line profitability to thriving.

My background may be in engineering but I have had the priviledge to work on a wide and varied range of projects across commercial and community sectors.


Every project I work on is different - with a unique set of goals, resources, timescales and organisational challenges - and it's this endless variety that drives me to do what I do. If you'd like to know more about what I've learnt so far, why not take a gander at this small selection of client case studies?

A Portfolio of Projects Past village-hall

New Project Management System

A small, innovative engineering firm, growing rapidly and in need of a more formalised project management approach

The systems needed to be relatively simple to employ but thorough enough to enable robust monitoring and control. They also had to be flexible enough to be able to be applied across their full range of products from relatively simple concept design studies to  full prototype development programmes and also “blue sky” research type activities.